The Top Five Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Virtual Assistant...Today

Small businesses face unique challenges that medium to large to mega sized companies don't necessarily deal with each day. If you harness the power of a virtual assistant, you will be amazed at how much more productive you become and how much growth your business can attain. 

  1. Virtual assistants give you the luxury of delegation. Are you unsure about what to delegate? A simple way to figure it out is to make some lists. What are the things only you can do? What are things someone else can do? And more importantly, what things do you like to do, or dislike? Commonly, people quickly discover which tasks can be delegated to a VA using this method, by deciding concretely what another individual can do, and also deciding which disliked tasks can go to someone else as well. 
  2. Virtual assistants save time and money. Not only are you freed from weeding through resumes and interviewing so that you can put a full time assistant on payroll, you're also saving payroll tax, benefits, and lost wages from when your assistant is at work, but sitting idle. With a VA you only pay for package of hours your negotiate.
  3. Virtual assistants still integrate with your team. If you provide your VA with an e-mail account on your domain, then he/she will seamlessly blend in, and no one outside your organization will be the wiser. Your VA can also participate in conference calls with your team as well - and if local and agreed upon - attend the occasional in-person function as well! 
  4. Virtual assistants take care of little details. When you have that business development meeting with a potential large new account, your VA will schedule the meeting, make sure the conference room is booked, write you a briefing on the client in advance so that you're prepared to speak with him/her, confirm the time and location again with the client the day before the meeting, and send a follow up thank you note from your e-mail account on your behalf. All of these tasks, which could be daily, would otherwise take up hours of time that you instead could be using to close the sale.
  5. Virtual assistants bring a state of zen to your work life. Imagine having to do nothing except show up for your next business trip, because your VA booked your flight, marked your calendar, entered your hotel and rental car details in TripIt, and made dinner reservations for your and your partners. With all that done, you can enjoy the travel and be relaxed and focused on the project at hand while you're gone. 

Enjoy all these benefits and more. Contact us and schedule a complimentary consult as well as a free trial hour of usage.