Find answers to our most commonly asked questions on this page.

What operating systems and apps are supported?

We are currently using Windows 10 and Google Chrome internet browser. We have access to the full Microsoft Office Suite of apps, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Skype, and Slack. We strongly prefer Google Apps for web-based e-mail, calendaring, and other tools but are fully capable of using Outlook Web as well! We can adapt to whatever you use with your team as well: Asana, Trello, and Basecamp are all common tools we are happy to use with you.

Do I get to keep unused hours on a plan to use in the future?

At this time, we do not offer "rollover" hours. You must use purchased hours in the same billing cycle or they are forfeited.

May I use all plan hours in one day or one week?

Our business is designed to be able to give all clients fair attention on a daily basis. Therefore, all hours in a plan should be spread out over one month of usage. We cannot accommodate last minute requests that will require 8 hours in one day, 5 hours a day for 3 days, etc. Ideal usage is as follows, and could fluctuate slightly based on work flow:

  • 20 hour plan: about 1 hour per business day

  • 10 hour plan: about 30-45 minutes per business day

Must I live in Cleveland to use your services?

Absolutely not! We currently work with clients in Cleveland, Indianapolis, Boston, and Kansas City. We also have international experience, having worked with clients as far away as Hong Kong or even relatively nearby in the greater Toronto area. However, services are only offered in United States Eastern Time, regardless of where clients may live. All prices are charged in U.S. dollars regardless of client's nationality or location.

If you happen to live in--or visit--Northeast Ohio, we're more than happy to meet you face to face for a coffee or for lunch! 


For new clients after November 9, 2015, we no longer will handle personal medical tasks without a signed HIPAA agreement on file, to include the following:

  • Researching medical providers of any type (to include doctors, allied health professionals, dentists, mental health professionals, and others)

  • Scheduling medical appointments

  • Calling in pharmacy refills

  • Serving as a point of contact for medical providers

  • Contacting insurance companies for any reason

  • Enrolling clients into Affordable Care Act insurance plans on

  • Any other task that Baroness Virtual Services classifies as an item that could be regulated by HIPAA

If we find a client provider options at client request and then the client asks us to choose the best one and schedule, Baroness Virtual Services holds no responsibility and is held harmless as to the appointment outcome as well as the outcome for all subsequent appointments and related services.  This disclaimer is part of the HIPAA agreement that clients will be asked to sign.

We are happy to help clients with as many personal tasks as possible. However, we want to make sure we comply with HIPAA and err on the side of caution in that regard. 

Can you offer services like cold calling, collections, or answering and routing calls?

We do not currently offer these services. However, we are more than happy to find you alternatives.

How is my personal information stored, and kept safe?

We store all private data such as credit card numbers and addresses in a LastPass Enterprise account. All of your logins and passwords go into LastPass as well. We take privacy and security very seriously, and are big fans of using incognito windows when completing transactions for clients, so that there is no recorded history of it. Additionally, if we are completing work while traveling such as using hotel or coffee shop WiFi, we use IPVanish VPN to protect all data so that it cannot be grabbed out of the air.

When you get started with us, we ask that you provide any credit card numbers only over the phone, to reduce your risk of theft. We also ask that you e-mail us a list of login ID's we may need, and then give us the passwords on a separate medium, such as sending them to us on Skype or texting them. 

What happens in the case of a mistake that involves money, such as accidentally booking the wrong flight in a non-refundable fare class?

We hold error & omission insurance as part of our professional liability insurance package. Therefore, we can make sure you are reimbursed in the event of an error. However, we have a track record of absolutely no mistakes like these--ever--so you can be assured you are in very good hands! 

Are contracts long term? 

Contracts are month to month, but we ask that you only join us if you are interested in a long-term, working relationship. All current clients have worked with us for a minimum of six months, and some have been with us for as long as two years and counting! Contracts may be terminated with 30 days notice by either Baroness Virtual Services or the client. 

How will I pay for services?

New clients must pay in full before services begin. Invoices are sent out on the client's individual billing date each month. We will automatically run payment with your stored card on file for your convenience on your billing date.