According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean wage for an administrative assistant is $16.99 per hour. For executive assistants, the rate is even higher, sitting at $25.76 per hour. This does not include payroll tax, insurance, retirement benefits or any other perks that W-2 employees typically get. 

Virtual office support saves you money

  • You pay only for your monthly package, or for the flat hourly rate of $30. Our rate includes all overhead costs.
  • Even if you purchase our highest level package, The Princess, you will only spend $4,800 annually on executive assistant support. If you paid a W-2 employee $25.76 per hour with full time hours, your total costs would be $53,580.80 - not including benefits.
  • We are not a temp agency, so you will save the costs of using a middleman to have your business needs met. This also means that the majority of the price you pay goes to your assistant, rather than to an agency's overhead costs. 

Dedicated support means a working relationship

  • Even though we are remotely based, we will still keep notes on all your preferences. We take pride in knowing our clients' working styles and likes/dislikes.
  • Everything we do has a human touch - no robots allowed in this business! We will ask about your spouse and kids. We will tell you about our most recent travel adventure. We will get to know you, as a person, not just as a client or customer.
  • You will work with the same, consistent assistant from day one! There is less risk of turnover and wasted hours training different people, which frequently occurs when using temp agencies.

A Great Value for the price

  • You are getting highly educated, well-spoken, professional office help.
  • Available flexibly, except on weekends and national holidays. 
  • Requests can be submitted by email, any time of day or night, and will be attended to the next business day. 

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